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Dan Bellows


Winter Park, Florida


About Dan Bellows | Winter Park, Florida

Dan Bellows of Winter Park, Florida is a recognized real estate developer and entrepreneur in his area. A visionary known for is innovative ideas, Bellows has been at the forefront of the “striking neighborhood redevelopment project” in Hannibal Square.

Dan Bellows started his development company, Sydgan Corporation, in 1989. Early on in his career, Bellows realized his passion and dedication to his community. Having grown up in the area his whole life, Dan was committed to making a difference in the community around him. Apart from his development initiatives, Bellows also offers single family, retail, industrial and commercial properties for lease through Sydgan Corp.

As the Founder of a leading property management and development corporation, Dan Bellows has helped families, individuals, and businesses in the Winter Park area find a beautiful place to both live and work. He has led the redevelopment of the West Side of Winter Park through various projects including Hannibal Square, Ravaudage, and The Chapel and Cellar.

Together, Dan Bellows and the team at Sydgan Corporation have been developing Winter Park, Florida and more predominately Hannibal Square over the last 25+ years. They have led the redevelopment of the West Side of Winter Park including 11 new buildings. Bellows has been focused on the vision of making Winter Park, FL a more beautiful place to visit, work and call home. Dan Bellows and his team have also been at the forefront of Ravaudage, offering high profile development with unique opportunities in a highly desirable, 73-acre retail, office, and multi-family development.

Bellows is also the proud head of Traditional Neighborhoods, Inc. Dan Bellows and TNI are committed to enriching Hannibal Square in the heart of Winter Park by replacing substandard housing, and by making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children and youth in a way that encourages age, race, and economic diversity. This belief is supported through contributions and, in the future, by developing and leasing its own group of houses, and apartments. Together they ignite the spirit of the local youth and give them the tools they need for success.

With over 30 years of experience in his field, Dan’s portfolio is defined as high-quality mixed-use, residential, and office developments. Creating both trendy sustainable and impactful destinations for his community has always been of utmost importance to Bellows and he hopes to continue to enrich the lives of others for years to come.

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